Teacher Appreciation Week


Ava Bartholomew

     During the week of May 8th to May 12th, Gouverneur Central School District celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week. The student members of the National Honor Society, with the help of Mrs. Marcy Tyler, put together acts of appreciation for the teachers at the elementary, middle, and high schools. Not only was this a great way for students to display their gratitude, but also was a great opportunity for many of the National Honor Society members to gain leadership experience. To kick off the week, Addison Conklin, Rikki Griffith, and Randi Griffith organized a group of students to make banners and signs to be hung up at each of the schools on Monday. Additionally, they spent the previous day creating messages for the teachers at the school entrances using sidewalk chalk. Following this, Abigail Bowman, Mae Cummings, and Chloe Smith created bags of candy to be distributed to teachers on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Addison Conklin led several others in making seed packets for teachers to symbolize the growth they encourage in their students. Thursday, a video put together by Ava Bartholomew, was sent out to all teachers in the district. It contained photos and recordings of elementary, middle, and high school students expressing their appreciation for their teachers. Wrapping up the week, Randi Griffith and Ava Bartholomew arranged for snacks and cupcakes to be provided at all schools for the staff to enjoy throughout the day. The week was a great success for all involved. It is the hope of all students that the teachers at Gouverneur School District will learn just how much their hard work and compassion is appreciated.